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What We Are About
What We Are About

Our History
Our History

Rules & Regulations
Rules & Regulations

Member Activity and Account Deletion
Member Activity and Account Deletion


What We Are About

» What We Are About
Contrary to Popular Parenting is a site that is dedicated to education and support of alternative parenting practices. We exist for our members to discuss and find support for attachment parenting and natural family living.
Aside from the off limit topics outlined in the Rules and Regulations, you are welcome to participate freely and openly in our forums. However, do note that if you ascribe to certain mainstream practices, you may find yourself at odds with many of our members. You may also find that we are a very open group in terms of our language and topics; if this is not something you feel comfortable with, please find a more suitable home. You are also welcome to ignore those things that don't fit into your world view. Consider this your warning. We will not demand that people support mainstream practices as this is an ALTERNATIVE ATTACHMENT PARENTING and NATURAL FAMILY LIVING site.


Our History

» Our History
Snooter created this community on September 23rd, 2006. We were first hosted by invisionfree, but now find ourselves on our own server as Our awesome moderating team from our invision site did a wonderful job of transferring our old board to this one. Our moderators that you see have either been nominated by other moderators, have volunteered, or have been chosen by the admin. The most important features of this board have been decided upon by the community. From the access to private forums, to the name itself. Snooter created this board because she wanted a more open and relaxed atmosphere where it felt more like a community. She wanted a place where members felt that they could openly share their opinions on all topics and even openly question the goings on of the board. They may not always like the answers they get, but they are free to ask.
On August 1, 2007, Snooter passed the board to her co-admin Robin926, who now admins alongside ScorpioGrrl75 and our amazing moderating team.


Rules & Regulations

» Rules & Regulations
In order for this message board to run smoothly and with little Administrative or Moderator interference, we have a few basic rules.

First and foremost, we ask that members be respectful toward one another. We want C2PP to be a community where people can share, discuss, and enjoy themselves, without hostility and unneeded disruptions.

The following types of posts will result in a warning. After three warnings, the user will be banned. Warnings never expire.

- Posts contrary to attachment parenting ideals, such as those in support of circumcision of minors, spanking, and CIO.

- Racist posts and/or prejudice based on skin color

- Derogatory language regarding sexual orientation and/or gender expression

- Sexist posts

- Ablelist slurs or derogatory language regarding physical and/or mental abilities

- Attacking another member's family

A request to edit posts containing these offenses may be issued by a moderator, or the moderator may edit or remove the post, at his or her discretion.

The following offenses can result in banning immediately.

- Threats of violence against others

- Threats of violence against oneself

- Dramatic goodbye posts. If you post a dramatic goodbye, we will remove your account, as you have made it clear you no longer wish to be a member.

- Copying other members' information to other sites. C2PP is a private forum, and sharing posts made here with other people for malicious reasons will result in banning. Respect the privacy of your fellow members.

- Trolling and board disruptions. What constitutes trolling will be decided at the discretion of the admins and mods. We try to be as fair as possible, while also keeping the peace for the rest of the community.

If a member has a good history here but begins to create disruptions, we reserve the right to issue a 72-hours suspension in lieu of banning as a period to cool down. If the problem continues after the suspension, banning may follow.

Other Important Notes

Admin announcements. Keep up to date with admin announcements, posted in the Announcements forum, for board changes.

Requests for money. Posting requests for money is not allowed. However, requests for items such as clothing or household goods can be posted in the Families in Need forum for members with over 200 posts and 30 days of membership.

Requesting changes. To request a change in board policy or a new feature, post in the Comments, Questions, and Suggestions forum, with a poll if needed. The admin do reserve the right to say no even if the majority are in favor of a change.

Deleting your posts. It is not our responsiblity to delete your posts, but you have the ability to do so yourself. If you need to delete for safety reasons, we will assist you as best we can.

Private messages. We do not police private messages. Please use the ignore feature if you are receiving messages you wish not to receive.

Arguments on the board. As long as posts do not violate the rules above, we will not delete or edit posts. Threads that get out of control may be sent to \"Let's Fling Shit Like Monkeys\" for participants to argue amongst themselves.

Chat. All these rules also apply to the chat, and we can view transcripts when needed.

Posting on the forums constitutes agreement to the R&R as it reads at the time of posting.


Member Activity and Account Deletion

» Member Activity and Account Deletion
In order to keep the community active, we have the follow guidelines for member activity:
- You must make 3 posts in the first 3 days after your account is activated. If you have less than 3 posts on the third day, your account will be deleted.
- If you go one month without a single post, your account will be deleted regardless of post count, unless you contact Robin926 or ScorpioGrrl75 and let them know you'll be away.
- If you are deleted, you're more than welcome to re-register, but your previous post count will not be restored, and you will not have access to post-count restricted areas until you reach the post-count and time requirements for those forums.


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